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In 1986, five years Saroo poor families in rural areas of India but is happy. on a trip with his brother, Saroo soon finds herself alone and that the motion be decommissioned passenger train harrapatutaCalcutta, 1500 miles away from home. Now the city is lost in an alien environment and too young to identify themselves or to their domestic authorities, must fight to survive as Saroo streets, was sent to an orphanage. Soon, selected Saroo Brierley Tasmania, where the family is allowed to grow,love flourished. but you all the grace of his love of both worlds.

(Jones) for the emergency care of their foreign devojkadodekaCasey (Hoult) plans to pull a robbery of drugs for eccentric mobster (Kingsley)has. After a failed attempt to stop the action-packed competition in Europe is running against time to save the life of his girlfriend took beharrekodruglord evil (Hopkins). Lion 2017.480p

Casey Stein (NicolasHoult) agreed to send cocaine hijack his old boss (Ben Kingsley) money in exchange for his girlfriend (Friday Jones) Juliette pay increase. Unfortunately, drugs Hagen Kahle (EntoniHopkins), boteretsuenaKingpin Germany. Kahle bar revenge kidnapped and sent goons after Juliette Stein.Casey now must race against time in a desperate attempt to save the woman he loves.
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